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Massage and Movement South Birmingham
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Client's thoughts...

Below we've included a few of the many testimonials we've received:


'.( Holistic Sports and Remedial Diploma Course ). The course appealed to me, because I thought that it would open more doors for me, both in terms of my client group and being able to provide a unique service. I was very nervous before the course started, expecting that both the tutor ( Julie Linton) and course content would be much more rigid and technical than the holistic massage diploma course. I need not have worried though. Julie was not the formal, rigid, technical person I had expected. She was warm, friendly, approachable, down-to-earth and it soon became very clear to me that the holistic ethos was at the centre of her teaching. I got on well with her approach from day one, because she was very clear and direct, but polite and respectful at the same time. Every time she showed me a new technique, I felt that I had sufficient knowledge to be able to go away and experiment, incorporating the new work into my clients' treatments. One thing which I particularly liked was that Julie has a good sense of when to intervene and help a student and when to back off. She would help me out initially, but would then leave me to get into the swing of the new strokes. This gave me a sense of safe space to practise, while not feeling intimidated by constant supervision. Every weekend ended with a consolidation session, where every student would both give and receive a client-centred treatment, incorporating the new work appropriately for the client's needs. Julie supported us all the time and we were extremely well prepared for the exams. Now that I have completed the training, I feel confident in my ability to appropriately treat clients with a wide range of injuries and health conditions. I no longer feel phased by injuries which I would previously have referred on to a more experienced and qualified practitioner. However, I also have the confidence to research conditions which are new to me, feeling able to discern when I can treat someone and when to refer on. I am still in contact with Julie, who remains a supportive colleague.' SB Holistic, Sheffield.

'Earlier this year we used 5 practitioners from Julie’s team to provide well-being sessions at the Mind CEO conference in Birmingham. We had 10 minute taster sessions for the delegates ranging from head, neck and shoulder massages through to reflexology. The feedback from those who attended the sessions was excellent. I would like to express my thanks to Julie and her team for giving the delegates such a lovely well-being session and leaving them invigorated and refreshed.!' A.W.

'After having several treatments with Julie I can honestly say that I am totally confident in her ability to attend those areas that are affected by stress (particularly back neck and shoulders). After receiving an individually tailored treatment I am fully relaxed, ready to face the world and it feels good to be alive!' H.M.

'Travelling alot I have always had massage for relaxation. I first contacted Julie 3 years ago for deep tissue and sports massage for ongoing shoulder and back problems. Even though the work was deep, I always felt relaxed and recharged after a session. With Julie's approach of 'working together', I feel involved in sessions and work is focused on what is needed. I would always recommend Julie to others, so much so she works regularly with other members of my family' J.M.

'Thank you for the massage it was wonderful. My sleep last night was the deepest for a very long time.' JG

'I have suffered with lower back pain for over 20yrs and RSI in my right arm/shoulder due to working with computers for many years. I have tried massage in the past and whilst it was always very relaxing it never really addressed my needs from an injury point of view. Now I have Julie with her tailored approach I have greater relief from my aches and pains. And when I am not so lazy and follow recommended exercises like swimming and yoga for me, I am pain free. A big thank you for using your gifted hands on me.' A.L

'It is nearly 12 months since my first telephone call to you as a therapist was made, which I found very frightening at the time because of how I wanted to be treated and I had not had massage before. I wanted help with my hip problem which caused me no end of discomfort. I am so pleased you have reduced the pain, you have helped me so much that I really look forward to the treatment you give. I find you very caring and good at your job. For what you have done for me - many thanks' P.W.

' I went from Holistic Massage with Julie to reflexology and have got so much out of it. I would say that after my reflexology it's as if I ve had a massage but in a different way. I feel I ve had every part of my body worked on through my feet and I feel totally relaxed.' T.J.

'We were really in need of a well-being day for our staff team and you did an excellent job of providing us with a range of therapies and massage to choose from. Everyone commented on what an enjoyable yet informative day it was. Not only did staff leave the day feeling relaxed and invigorated, but through the speakers you provided, we also discovered methods, techniques and exercises that we can use to look after ourselves and the children in our care.' A local West Midlands school.

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