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Massage and Movement Richmond, London
Massage and Movement Richmond, London

Remedial Massage in Richmond, South West London
with Massage & Movement

Massage and Movement provide Remedial Massage therapy in Richmond, South West London. Remedial Massage therapy aims to assist the body to manage or recover and support its natural healing ability. Remedial massage therapy uses a mixture of deep tissue massage and sports massage techniques to achieve this.

How Does Remedial Massage Work?

Working with you, we look at or try to identify the source or cause of your present discomfort, pain or reduced range of movement. Using massage and a variety of body work techniques, such as stretches and movements, we will work to assist recovery from injuries or conditions relating to musculoskeletal – muscle, tendon, ligaments, and soft tissue problems – adhesions and scar tissue.

Benefits Of Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage can assist with:

  • Many musculoskeletal conditions such as back ache, shoulder and neck tension, muscle tenderness etc caused by a variety of reasons such as posture, stress, ongoing health conditions
  • Musculoskeletal conditions caused by direct injury
  • Improving the range of joint movement.
  • Breaking down soft tissue adhesions and fibrous tissue.
  • Maintenance of a healthy muscle system.
  • Supporting the circulatory and lymphatic system for removal of naturally produced metabolic waste.
  • Supporting a person with underlying health conditions that may be having a knock on effect to the musculoskeletal system

Booking Remedial Massage Therapy in Richmond

If you require Remedial Massage Therapy within Richmond, South West London, please call us on 07595 901 909 or email here.

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