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Massage and Movement Richmond, London
Massage and Movement Richmond, London

Frequently Asked Questions About Massage

Below we've assembled a few questions we are frequently asked about massage. If the answer you're looking for isn't here, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be pleased to help.

New to massage - what's it like?
The experience is different for every individual. Some people may feel relaxed, others may feel invigorated; there is no set pattern.

Do I have to be totally undressed?
Entirely up to you. We can work over clothing.

But will I be covered up?

Apart from the area we are working with, you will be covered at all times with towels or a sheet.

You say 'we', what will I have to do?
Not alot, just be. Listen to music or not. Talk or do not talk. Just give feedback if you feel uncomfortable at any time.

Does massage hurt?
To begin with a light to medium pressure is used to warm the muscles. This can reveal a mild tenderness. With your feedback, I adjust the pressure to stay within your comfort zone.

What if I can not get on a massage couch ?
If you have reduced mobility through injury or disability that's fine. Massage is very adaptable. We work with a position you are comfortable in.

What if I find it dificult to leave my home?
Not a problem. Sessions can take place in a person's home. When booking a session we will talk about access and space available.

I have a medical condition. Is massage safe for me?
Most conditions can be worked with. There are only a few medical conditions which restrict certain treatments.

My questions not here!
Call or email us with it.

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