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Massage and Movement Richmond, London
Massage and Movement Richmond, London

Deep Tissue Massage in Richmond, South West London
with Massage & Movement

Massage and Movement provide Deep Tissue Massage therapy in Richmond, South West London.

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage is a deep, penetrating massage intended to assist in improving a person’s muscle function, enabling targeted muscles, to move more freely and easily, feel less restricted and tender.

How Does Deep Tissue Massage Work?

Muscle tension and tightness can build up in our bodies caused by injury or by repetitive daily living activities – ways we repeatedly use our bodies throughout the day; for instance computer work, manual work, driving, feeling stressed and ‘holding stress’ in neck or shoulders etc. This all effects how our muscles and soft tissues work together.

Where a person feels areas of muscle ‘tightness’ or ‘tension’, sometimes accompanied by pain, Deep Tissue Massage is useful in working through the layers of muscle and soft tissue, gradually softening the tissue and releasing adhered muscles and ‘knots’ or adhesions.

Deep Tissue Massage is most often given with little or no massage medium e.g. oil or lotion, so that the therapist is better able to engage with soft tissues rather than slide over them. A session is ended with a more superficial massage to the areas worked using oil. This assists the body tissues, returning to a state of rest and repair.

Booking Deep Tissue Massage in Richmond

If you require Deep Tissue Massage within Richmond, South West London, please call us on 07595 901 909 or email here.

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